VanDoug's HairyHunx

Model: Bruce

Name: Bruce
Origin: Italia
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 37
Height: 6’5″/1.95m
Weight: 364lbs/165kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color: Blue
Hairiness: Hairy
Endowment: Extreme Large
Shoe Size: 15/50


3 thoughts on “Model: Bruce

  1. I have just come across your blog, as recommended by MSSF. I’m really into big hairy guys, so I really welcome anything big and hairy that moves! I like your images and the stories too (like many people, I’m really into Ancient Greece and Rome and the fantasies that go with them), and I find it refreshing that your Greek story has a tragic ending. One thing, and it is very very subjective, so feel free to throw this suggestion out into the rubbish): I have a problem with the appearance of Bruce. While I love his big hairy body, I find his face unattractive. The mouth seems too wide, and the jaw too heavy. If you could somehow make the jaw and mouth a bit smaller, he would in my opinion look younger (and the contrast between his young face and mature hairy body would be stunning), more handsome, and therefore the moments such as Akles’ death more poignant. I realise that changing the features of a model may be technically hard to do, and that you may have personal reasons for portraying him the way he is. Anyway, in general, a great start!

    • Thank you very much Nick for your kind and thoughtful comment! My references to Bruce’s face are typical American cartoon hero’s big square jawed faces such as American Dad. Maybe it’s a little bit overdone for realistic style 3D illustration. Although it’s my personal preference, I still want my most viewers to have a main character’s face they think is attractive. I’ve come up with two new versions of face for model Bruce. One is still keeping the heavy/convex jawed style, I call it manly face; And the other one is done by following your suggestion, a younger looking face. Please read my new post Bruce’s Facelift, Literally for details if you’ve got some time to spare. Thank you again for your time and interest.


  2. Qpfdpumnf on said:


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