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I have been busying with a new business(running a B&B in Victoria, BC, Canada). As the summer has ended and the business started slowing down, I finally get some time to go back to my long overdue projects. This render is for the good memory of this summer, and is posed by hairy hunk model A.K. & Scott (click on the picture to see it in full size). I wish everyone has had a great summer this year. Hugs, Doug.

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2 thoughts on “Sunbathing

  1. Dear Doug,the hot studs laying out are a MEGA-HARD-ON!!!!!!Their huge dicks turn me on,but their GORGEOUS GIANT BARE FEET make my dick go CRAZY!!!!!!!!😊Do you have any drawings of hansome giant men tickling tiny men(about 12inches high),and forcing their tiny victims to massage their massive GORGEOUS BARE FEET??????I’D LOVE TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @feetguy77

    Thanks for liking my work and leaving a comment. I’m very much into big strong male feet myself. Though my works usually are not dedicated to the fetish, you may still find them more or less reflecting this interest of mine. I may consider doing a few male feet worship renders for feet guys like you and me in the future.

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