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Inclinations of different body types


I have a smaller slender build. I like guys muscular. I don’t have chest hair. I think hairy chests are hot. I know people have different liking for body types. Some like a similar body type, some are inclined to the opposite. Let’s have an observation to see what others think.


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4 thoughts on “Inclinations of different body types

  1. I applaud your blog. I was researching what is involved in starting my own blog to infect the interested populace with my art. It is erotic in it’s nature and I am concerned with it’s limited exposure (ie. to mature or consenting audiences only). I am not strictly attracted to any physical type though I do have a troublesome, somewhat obsessive attraction to “Black Irish” men. And while I am nattering on I’ll say that I am curious about the term “wolf”. I used to be an otter but with illness I have lost my rather lush body hair. With that overabundance of trivial information I will thank you for your time and bid you a fond adieu.

    • Thank you Jos for spending time and writing your comment on my post. I’m interested in knowing my readers, and wish all of them could be like you – being communicative. In the poll, I use word wolf to suggest guys with a lean and hairy body while bear implies a larger and thicker frame. I don’t know if I’m the only one uses word wolf in this way, probably not, I think. I didn’t know the term otter. Thanks for being my one-word teacher. Have a good one! BTW, send me the link after you have opened your blog. So we may do a link exchange.

      • Sorry so long to respond. I thank you for your kind explanation and after visiting other sites you are indeed not the only user of this term. I am familiar with the term “otter” meaning a skinny, furry bloke and in my experience that works splendidly when the little guy is mischievous and playful. That does not describe me however. I find that I rather like the moniker “wolf”. I think it suits. I am technically challenged hence my pending blog is slow to be ready. I will link you when it is done as I would appreciate your critique.

      • Thank you. I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

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