VanDoug's HairyHunx
Jeff is just before cumming.

Hot Shots Continued(3)

This is the last batch of featured shots from Alien Laboratory III. To view the whole collection, please use this link –

My next comic project is Gods and their Male Lover – a gay erotic fantasy inspired by Greek/Roman mythology.

Jeff is just before cumming.

About to Explode


Giant Jeff is cumming.

Bringing Down A Shower Of Cum


Jeff's giant body shrinks a little whle he's cumming.



Jeff carries Jason and the alien, dashes out the control room.

Rushing Out


Jeff gives Jason's handsome face a big wet lick.

Big Wet Lick


Jason and Jeff kiss each other before parting.

Sweet Kiss


Jason watches Jeff's spacecraft soaring off into deep space in the golden morning light.

Golden Morning Light

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One thought on “Hot Shots Continued(3)

  1. woofydude on said:

    This illustrates why I am so passionate about your art.

    You make all hairy men feel so beautiful, raw, and powerful.

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