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Facelift -- Younger Looking Face

Bruce’s Facelift, Literally

Thanks for viewer Nick’s suggestion,  I’ve come up with two new versions of face for model Bruce (click on the image to view the full size version):

Before — the original face

Facelift -- Original Face

Facelift -- Original Face

After — the manly face

Facelift -- Manly Face

Facelift -- Manly Face

After — the younger looking face

Facelift -- Younger Looking Face

Facelift -- Younger Looking Face

As you can see, the younger looking face has a less heavy jaw and smaller mouth as Nick suggested. And the manly version has an even heavier jaw and  thicker lips to match.  My personal favourite is the manly one.  But I want to know your opinions, and will use the one most viewers like in my coming comics (Alien Laboratory part II & III), given that I can get enough samples.  Please leave your comment and tell me which one you feel attractive, or just vote in the poll  below I created for this purpose.  Have a great weekend  everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Bruce’s Facelift, Literally

  1. Hi Doug
    Thanks for answering my comment so quickly and sensitively. I really appreciate it. Well, the new face is more attractive, and so I’ve voted for it. I certainly don’t want a twink! I still think the jaw is too square, and that you could round it more. Bruce would still be as handsome, I promise you! (Perhaps it’s those yellow glasses I don’t like – I’ve just noticed!). But it is an improvement. Thanks.
    (By the way, as a qualified English teacher, may I just pick you up on a vocabulary matter? “Prettier” isn’t the same as “more handsome”, as “prettier” implies cute or childlike or feminine – or TWINK (gasp!) – none of which fits Bruce at all! Now if you were being ironic…)

    • Hi Nick,
      I’m glad you mentioned you are a qualified English teacher! I’m not a native English speaker, and need to improve my English skills. Please point them out if you spot any problems in my English writings, especially in the text of a comic. I’ll really appreciate it! Those sunglasses, I thought was cool. I’ll consider further changes to Bruce’s face according to viewers’ response. Thanks Nick!

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